BOI - Regulatory Sandbox License

Calendar 27 February 2018


The Regulatory Sandbox License (RSL) offers the possibility for an investor to conduct a business activity for which there exists no legal framework, or adequate provisions under existing legislation in Mauritius. The RSL will be issued by the Board of Investment to eligible companies willing to invest in innovative projects according to an agreed set of terms and conditions for a defined period. Eligibility Any investor who has an innovative project for which there exists no legal framework or adequate provisions which cover the materialization of his project may submit a duly filled in application for the issuance of an RSL. The applicant should be able to demonstrate the innovative nature of the project at the local, regional or international level. Guidelines Please consult the guidelines to find out more on the procedures to apply for the RSL. Mode of Application An applicant for an RSL should submit his application with a business plan and other relevantdocuments on, and should his application be approved under the RSL Scheme, he should present the original documents to the Board of Investment to obtain the RSL.